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About Diamond Tailoring:

With over 30 years of experience in clothing alterations and repairs, some of which include bridal dresses, suits, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, work and school uniforms and adjustments to luxury clothing brands.

Diamond tailoring offers designing clothes from original patterns specially curated to fit measurements of each costumer, to create a unique item of clothing, catered to the needs and requirements of the client.

Diamond tailoring also designs curtains and cushions using various fabrics and patterns, which can be specifically created to fit into your home or office.

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Our Services

Our special services


Shorten / Lengthen

Better not take a chance, come to us, we will pin and shorten to just the right length. To lengthen, we can make a false hem to make it look just right. To us nothing is just a simple shorten.



We can alter, re style or even make just about anything. In a private mirrored fitting room we can show you what the end product would look like as well as advise and make fittings.



The beauty of our patches is that they complement the garment, so for example the pair of jeans looks even better and the patch can blend in so well that it would hardly be noticeable.



From early on, it became clear that our clients expected a full laundry and cleaning service and to the same standards that they had become accustomed to.




Believing that Danor offered one of the best ironing systems. Each garment can be steamed or pressed with confidence that nothing could be damaged.




We offer an embroidery service for names and initials in a variety of colours fonts and styles that can be put on school bags, aprons and other related items as well as towels, robes, baby blankets and ...


Take In / Let Out

It is always easy to take a garment in but the skill is how to do when needing to let out and there is no fabric. We can and have done on thousands of items.



Minor clothing repair can take as little as a few minutes to complete. Naturally, major clothing repair or alteration may require a longer lead time.


All prices should be used as a guide and are subject to change

Price List

  • 1/2 PocketTBC
  • 1 New PocketTBC
  • 2 New PocketTBC
  • Bar, Hook, Snap, PopperTBC
  • Close PocketsTBC
  • Each RepairTBC
  • Insert PanelTBC
  • Jeans ButtonTBC
  • Kick TapeTBC
  • Large PatchTBC
  • LengthenTBC
  • With TapeTBC
  • Hand HemTBC
  • Metal ZipTBC
  • New Button HoleTBC
  • New ElasticTBC
  • Press TrousersTBC
  • Raise CrutchTBC
  • Re Hem Both LegsTBC
  • Remove & Close All PocketsTBC
  • Repair PocketTBC
  • Shirt GripTBC
  • ShortenTBC
  • Small PatchTBC
  • Taper / Tape In LegTBC
  • Taper & Shorten With Same ButtonTBC
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